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About Green Dispensary Compounding Pharmacy

Green Dispensary Compounding is Australia’s premium online compounding destination originating from over 25 years of heritage and expertise.

Healthcare is evolving towards greater individual awareness and the requirement for more personalised healthcare solutions and therapies. This is where the specialty of pharmaceutical compounding provides for patients with unmet medical needs and for whom commercially manufactured medicines are neither available nor appropriate.

At Green Dispensary Compounding, we have an extensive portfolio of medicines that can be compounded to the exact requirements of individual patients. In consultation with doctors, veterinarians, and health practitioners, almost any concentration of a therapeutic molecule can be formatted for optimal delivery and compliance including capsules, lozenges, liquids, injectables, topical and transdermal preparations. They include:

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Compounding Pharmacy FAQs

Compounding is the measurement, preparation, mixing, assembling, packaging and labelling of medication made specifically for an individual need. Compounding exists for patients for whom commercially manufactured medicines are neither available nor appropriate.

Unlike mass produced commercial medications, compounded medications are tailored to an individual’s needs. A doctor can prescribe medication which is dosed specifically for individual patient needs whilst taking any allergies, lifestyle choices or personal requirements into account. This ensures a medication that will work effectively and safely for each patient.

Green Dispensary Compounding has a state-of-the-art, purpose-built facility dedicated to compounded medicines production. With four separate laboratories allocated to various sterile and non-sterile preparations, we can guarantee nil cross-contamination of ingredients during production ensuring that each prescription preparation is fulfilled to exacting standards.

Compounding was the traditional art and science of medicines production prior to the evolution of mass medicines production. It now exists as a lawful, safe and valuable channel for doctors to provide customized medicines for individual patients whose needs cannot be met with conventional manufactured medicines.

Compounding pharmacists undergo extensive additional training in addition to their pharmacy qualifications to specialize in the preparation of sterile and non-sterile medicines.

Every raw material used in each medicine is accompanied with a Certificate of Analysis and any imported ingredients are analysed by an independent, registered analytical laboratory. Green Dispensary Compounding’s code of practice is to use ingredients from Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) suppliers approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) or the USA Food & Drug Administration (FDA)

Most compounded products contain active ingredients requiring a doctor’s prescription. However, some non-prescription ingredients can be found in compounded cosmetic products and certain medicinal products which can be purchased on our online store or by enquiring directly with the team at Green Dispensary Compounding.

The cost of compounded medication can vary based on the formulation but most commonly involves the cost and quantity of the active ingredient and the time required to produce the medicine as an individual preparation. Simple compounded medicines will generally be less expensive than more complex formulations where research and development may need to be entered into.

At Green Dispensary Compounding, we are also committed to using the best quality raw materials available to ensure they are safe for human and animal use whilst being efficacious. For more information on cost about particular medicines, our team will be happy to discuss options that will best meet an individual patient’s needs.

Many health funds have an allowance that can assist with the costs of private prescription medicines. We can provide an official receipt to assist with enquiries and claims through individual health funds where required.

The time it takes to compound your medication depends on the ingredients needed and the form it comes in. Most products fall between 1-2 business days from the time the script is received until the product is finished and ready for collection or delivery. Some sterile products may require a slightly longer period which patients will normally be advised of when submitting their prescription.

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