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Introducing Green Dispensary’s Oral Dissolving Strips

With great excitement, we are proud to launch our exclusive new medicine delivery format!

Researched and developed in partnership with the University of South Australia, the new Green Dispensary Oral Dissolving Strips (ODS) is the first wholly Australian-designed delivery format of its kind.

Featuring leading-edge technology, each ultrathin bio-adhesive strip is individually embedded with a specific dose of required drug and applied to the area between the cheek and lower gum for absorption directly into the bloodstream.

 Advantages of the proprietary formulation include: 

  • Directly absorbed across the cheek into the bloodstream
  • Fast and convenient to administer as required
  • Suitable for individuals with difficulty swallowing or a fear of choking with other medicine formats
ODS package

Administration Instructions

This dedicated section enables medical professionals to access specific information relevant to selective compounded prescriptions including medical cannabis and bio-identical hormones.

Medical professionals can also join our referral network or submit a prescription on behalf of their patients to fast-track the compounding process.

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Green Clinic Doctors specialising in assisting patients with medicinal cannabis therapies for a range of clinically diagnosed conditions.

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This section of the website enables access to professional health information suitable for medical professionals.

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