Your Genes Describe You

Fitgene focuses on the patient overall health and wellbeing. This is determined by your build of your body and the genes within the cells. Genes are unique to each individual and we understand that by personalising an individuals health care program, you will be able to reach the patients full potential. Through the analysis of an individuals response to certain nutrigenomics, practitioners can identify how your genes respond and can then sort a solution.

Carb Choice

FitGene has developed CarbChoice, which is a tailored genetic profile report for the AMY1 gene CNV. This report identifies how well your body can metabolise starch from carbohydrates.


The main reasons why you should attain a personalised genetic profile report for the AMY1 gene CNV, through CarbChoice is because it enables the individual to make the top dietary choices for themselves. People who would usually seek to use CarbChoice are those who are gluten intolerant or have food sensitivities, those struggling with weight management and those who have persistent infections.

Your report

The testing of AMY 1 gene will report the following to you:

  • How successfully you metabolise and accept carbohydrates
  • Your ability to efficiently metabolise and tolerate gluten
  • Whether carbohydrates put you at the risk of increasing your vulnerability to being overweight.
  • If carbohydrates increase your risk of having diabetes.
  • The amount of carbohydrates which you should consume per day.
  • The specific types of carbohydrates that should be avoided.
  • The ability of your body to transform carbohydrates into energy.


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