Compounding Pharmacy For Vets

Green Dispensary Compounding offers veterinarians a real choice in the treatment of their animal patients.

Green Dispensary Compounding has been offering personalization and flexibility in medication options for all animals of all sizes for over 25 years. The benefit of having medicines compounded by a specialist compounding facility is the ability to achieve specific therapeutic doses within an appropriate delivery method.

Wide range of delivery methods

Our facility has the capacity to makes creams, gels, oral suspensions and mixtures, capsules and more.

For example, a medicated cream or gel containing the relevant medication may be more appropriate to rub onto the pinnae of a cat than aiming for an oral delivery method.  Alternately, we offer a range of animal-specific flavourings for oral medications if these are better suited for the delivery of a particular medication.

compound pharmacy for vets
compound pharmacy for veterinarians


We have access to a wide database of compounded formulae and ingredients so please contact us to speak with one of our specialist pharmacists or email us for pricing information on the most commonly prescribed medications.

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