New Dosage Form

Convenience and Compliance

Our commitment to innovation means that we are always introducing new and advanced methods of medication. The latest medication that we have introduced is orally dissolved films. These thin films when paced on the tongue, provide a fast release of medication. At Green Dispensary Compounding we can easily administer the films. The benefits of the product include its non-invasiveness, adaptability and patient compliance. This alternative to other dosage methods, is a convenient and has improved patient compliance when compared to other dosage methods.  Subsequently, the films can be formulated to most prescription drugs.


In terms of discretion of taking medication, Orally Dissolved films are the best alternative. The product is thin, easy to transport and can be quickly absorbed. These advantages allow for patients to ensure that they can confidentially take their medication.

Customised Flavour

Orally dissolved films can be adapted to suit the requirement of the patient. At Green Dispensary Compounding, we have the ability to add any flavours such as mint or fruit flavours. Thus, allowing the medication to be easily taken.


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