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We believe in improving the lives of people with unmet medical needs by offering them the power of choice. Through our own world class innovation and collaboration with doctors and allied health professionals, patients can choose what is best for them and feel part of their own healthcare solution. We have the ability to collaborate with veterinary practitioners and identify their issues in terms of medicine.  We will seek to adapt products for pets and meet the unmet needs of the pets.

Why compounding for animals?

The practice of Compounding Pharmacy for veterinary medicines is becoming very popular, because it offers tailored options to suit different kinds of pets. A veterinarian working closely with a compounding pharmacist can often improve the health and well being of an individual animal… and their owners.


The Green Dispensary Compounding Pharmacy is able to compound a veterinary medication for all domestic and exotic pets – animals and birds, large and small. Cats and dogs are notoriously finicky and often refuse to swallow a tablet, and can even eat right around one disguised in food. Dosages can be tricky to work out simply because commercial tablets come in so many shapes and sizes, making it difficult to determine the correct amount to give a specified dose.


A Green Dispensary Compounding Pharmacy pharmacist can prepare or compound the medicine into a form that is much easier for you as a pet owner to administer to your pet. For example, it may be as easy as rubbing a gel behind the cat’s ear, or creating a flavoured dog treat with the medicine embedded in it.


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