Nappy Rash Cream



Directions: Apply to affected area 3 times daily. Reapply after exposure to wetness.

Contains: Cod Liver Oil 10.9%, Zinc Oxide 22.7% Benz. Tincture 9.1%

*Please note: Due to natural variances in the appearance of some ingredients, this product now appears as a white-coloured cream.

The Green Dispensary Nappy Rash Cream is a water repellent, soothing cream that has been adapted from a tried and true formula used by mothers for many years.

It contains Zinc Oxide, Benzoin Compound Tincture and Cod Liver Oil (containing Vitamins A & D) in a smooth, easy to apply base.

The GD Nappy Rash Cream can be applied after each nappy change. It is effective as a protective barrier as well as a nappy rash treatment.

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