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Our greatest mission here at Green Dispensary Compounding is to improve the lives of people in the community with unmet medical needs. This is brought about by the delivery of personalised and customised approaches to health through the development of novel drug formulations and drug delivery systems. Our dedicated team of pharmacists and technicians are constantly working on finding new and better ways to bring this into realisation. We look at ourselves as problem solvers who lead this industry. We are pioneering with:

  • Products: new formulation & new dosage-forms (ODF/TDS)
  • Services: Gene mapping, Health practitioner loss weight program
  • Approach: Health-Kiosk, qr-codes educational CMIs

These are just few examples of many more at Green Dispensary Compounding.

New Facility

We have built a state of the art customised facility dedicated solely to ensure that the highest standards and safety of all medications produced here at Green Dispensary Compounding are delivered to you.

Upstairs we have three specialised departments completely separated, where unlike most other compounding pharmacies, we can guarantee zero cross-contamination of ingredients during production, ensuring your prescription medication is fulfilled to exacting standards. These departments are for:

  • Non-Sterile Lab1: Hormone derived medications
  • Non-Sterile Lab2: Non-hormone derived medications such as cosmeceuticals and vitamins
  • Sterile Lab: Sterile medications such as injectables, eye drops etc.

All aseptic manipulations at Green Dispensary Compounding are performed in Grade A laminar air flow cabinets inside Grade B cleanrooms supplied with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters.  These positive pressured rooms are designed to comply with current Good manufacturing Practice (cGMP). Non sterile compounding suites are negative pressured designed for the preparation of hormone and non- hormone derived medications.


Unlike other pharmacies who are not dedicated to purely compounding medication, we at Green Dispensary Compounding are able to provide you with peace of mind in our purpose-built facility with a robust quality assurance program, which encompasses all aspects of preparation and testing to ensure accuracy and precision in weighing, measuring and methods of sterilisation.

Here we can ensure that zero cross-contamination of ingredients occurs in the production of your medication. Consistency and effectiveness are at the heart of our business and to ensure you receive the highest standard medications, we individually assess all certificates of analysis accompanying any incoming raw materials. Our in-house quality control unit also oversees each and every order to ensure you receive a consistent product.

We derive our ingredients from GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) suppliers who are approved by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) or the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the USA.

Expertise & Heritage

Not only have we been working purely with compounded medication for over 20 years, our world-class pharmacists also work in close collaboration with doctors and allied health professionals to devise your optimum treatment. Our team consists of a dedicated pharmacist working specifically with sterile preparations and another dedicated pharmacist who specialises in hormones and vitamins. Our pharmacists are also able to counsel you in the usage and effect of your specialised compounding product with any medication or vitamins you may already be taking.

All sterile compounding is done by pharmacists and technicians that are certified trained and undergo biannual sterile training and evaluation for aseptic technique.

Our R&D room is designed to develop and improve new formulations and to quality test our products. Whether working on a novel formulation or improving the delivery device for medications, the team at Green Dispensary Compounding strives to make the lives of patients better.

How to Choose a Compounding Pharmacy

Are all compounding pharmacies the same?

“High quality” is one of the most commonly used cliché by compounding pharmacies! But, what is the true meaning of this term?

When you select a compounding pharmacy, be sure to ask questions like those listed below. They may sound technical, but a compounding facility’s infrastructure, technology and personnel’s expertise all play vital roles in the QUALITY & SAFETY of your compounded medications:

Question Green Dispensary Compounding Other Compounding Pharmacy
Do you have separate compounding suites for hormone and non- hormone derived medications? Or they are done in the same location?   YES, we have built separate compounding suites. We NEVER compound them in the same location to guarantee zero cross contamination. ?
Are your compounding departments supplied with different pressure grades? Why? YES, they are supplied with different pressures. Our sterile suites are designed as positive pressured rooms, while non-sterile compounding suites are negative pressured. This is the ONLY way to prevent cross contamination of different ingredients. ?
Does your facility have Grade A laminar air flow cabinets for aseptic manipulations? YES, all our aseptic manipulations are performed in Grade A laminar air flow cabinets inside Grade B cleanrooms supplied with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters. ?
Do you perform daily monitoring of your clean room, for temperature, humidity, particulate and pressure differential? YES, we do that via our proprietary Environmental Monitoring System (EMS).  


What about daily monitoring of the refrigerators, freezers and store room? YES, we do that via our proprietary Environmental Monitoring System (EMS). ?
Do you perform regular calibration of analytical balances and pH meters? How often? YES, we perform daily calibrations. ?
Do you have certification for your Grade D nonsterile environment? YES, annual certification. ?
Do you have certification for your Grade A/B sterile environment? YES, Bi-annual certification. ?
Do you have validation and verification for your production and testing outputs? YES, it’s done by our trained technicians. ?
What about your pharmacists and technicians? Do they undertake training programs? YES, we have ongoing training, testing and evaluation of all personnel. ?
Do you perform cleaning and sanitisation of your cleanroom? How often? YES, we have daily cleaning and sanitisation of our cleanroom both before & after medicine has been compounded. ?
Do you perform final product testing? YES, we do sterility and microbiological testing, in our dedicated chemistry and microbiology departments. ?
Do you have a prescription check procedure? YES, we perform 4 check prescription procedure with a 2 pharmacists check ?
Do you have special software for continuous record keeping? YES, the special software we use is specifically designed for compounding and also enables us to store all records safely confidentially. ?
Do your active ingredients comply with USP/BP/JP specifications? YES, they do, we source these raw materials from GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) suppliers who are approved by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) or FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the USA. ?
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